The classical animal feed science studies the optimal composition of feed as well as the technical procedures, which improve shelf life and digestibility of feed. The exact composition of the included nutrients is an important part within this field of research.

PerformaNat on the other hand, deals primarily with the question how these nutrients are absorbed from the feed. Therefore it is mandatory to understand the underlying transport mechanisms inside the gastrointestinal tract. On cellular level, various transport processes are involved in nutrient absorption. By using different methods it can be examined whether substances are transported through channels into the cell (transcellular) or whether their transport occur paracellularly (i.e. passing through the space between the cells).

PerformaNat elucidates how transport processes can be influenced in order to improve animal health by optimizing nutrient resorption. We are particularly focused on the effect of herbal components on nutrient transport.

The product development is carried out in in vitro and in animal feeding studies.