PerformaNat ElektrolytTab – The electrolyte solution for calves

Act immediately in Case of Calf Diarrhea

Calf diarrhea is a major cause of death and economic loss in the dairy industry. The course of the disease is divided into different degrees of severity, whereby a severe case is always life-threatening for the calf if left untreated. But even a mild course already has a negative impact on growth, resistance and subsequent performance, resulting in 344 kg less milk in the first lactation (Svensson et al., 2008).

Calf diarrhea leads to damage and inflammation of the sensitive intestinal mucosa. The loss of essential nutrients, such as electrolytes, buffer substances and water, results in the typical clinical symptoms of emaciation, dehydration, weakness and acidosis.

Therefore, diseased calves with diarrhea need immediate aid to compensate for the nutrient losses and regenerate the damaged intestine as quickly as possible. Only in this way can the calves be able to recover and grow in a healthy way.

PerformaNat ElektrolytTab – Quickly Brings the Intestine into Shape

The innovative PerformaNat ElektrolytTab provides a drinking solution with a well-balanced electrolyte composition and a high amount of easily available energy that quickly compensates for losses during diarrhea.

The composition was newly developed based on current scientific results. Selected ingredients such as electrolytes, energy, plant active substances, butyrate and glycine ensure optimal care of the calf and rapid regeneration of the intestine.

How does it work?

The linchpin factor for successful regeneration is the nutrient supply, which runs via various transport routes, but also other processes that function as protection mechanisms in the intestine.

  • Butyrate serves as a preferred energy source for intestinal cells and maintains the protective mucus layer.
  • Glycine rehydrates and protects cells.
  • In addition, the special plant active ingredients soothe the intestines, enhance the formation of mucus on the intestinal cells and have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The large amount of lactose compensates for the loss of energy.
  • The optimal composition of electrolytes provides the calf with essential nutrients and regulates water balance.
  • The combination of bicarbonate and citrate maintains the pH balance. The PerformaNat ElektrolytTab has a buffering effect with an SID value* of 88 mmol/L, providing the ideal protection against acidosis.

The SID model according to Stewart is used as a measure of buffer strength. The SID, strong ion difference, describes the difference between strong cations such as sodium and potassium and strong anions such as chloride and lactate. Strong ions are completely dissociated (dissolved) and do not react chemically with other substances. Weak ions, such as bicarbonate (HCO3), on the other hand, are incompletely dissociated. The difference between the strong ions indicates the SID value. The higher the value, the more buffer is available, and more protons can be intercepted.

What does a good Electrolyte Solution need?

PerformaNat Electrolyte Tab contains all important components that are scientifically recommended in case of dehydration due to diarrhea:

An adequate concentration of sodium in defined ratio to glucose (1:1 to 1:3) and balanced electrolyte composition.

The supply of large amounts of easily available energy.

Additional buffer substances with a SID value of at least 60 mmol/L to prevent the development of acidosis.

Other substrates to promote the cotransport of electrolytes such as sodium and water.

Our PerformaNat ElektrolytTab is characterized by a balanced composition. It additionally supports the intestinal development of the calf through selected phytogenic active ingredients, butyrate and glycine.

Additional drinking meals with the PerformaNat ElektrolytTab increase the desire to drink, which effectively mitigates dehydration. The additional meals provide the calf with a constant supply of lactose as an energy source without overloading the intestine with too much at once. The included buffer base can effectively prevent the occurrence of acidosis.

How is it applied?

PerformaNat ElektrolytTab dissolves completely in warm water within 2 minutes without stirring. The active ingredients are quickly released from the effervescent tablet into the water, so that the drinker is immediately ready for use without any further work steps. Diarrhea symptoms can be reduced quickly and in a targeted manner. This way, your calves get the help at the right time with the nutrients they urgently need.

Application Recommendation

In case of mild digestive disorders (the calf appears healthy, faeces mushy and slightly liquid):
→ 2 PerformaNat ElektrolytTabs in 2 litres of warm water at least once a day.

For moderate diarrhea (the calf appears dull and has visible diarrhea):
→ 2 PerformaNat ElektrolytTabs in 2 litres of warm water at least twice a day.

In case of severe diarrhea (the calf is weak to drink, dehydrated and has watery faeces):
→ 2 PerformaNat ElektrolytTabs in 2 litres of warm water at least three times a day.

Application for max. 7 days. Milk feed should be maintained. Feeding PerformaNat Electrolyte Tab with milk at the same time should be avoided. Do not give together with other glucose and electrolyte based rehydrating agents.

It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before starting to apply or extending the Feeding Period. In case of severe, acute diarrhea, always consult a veterinarian.

At the first signs of diarrhea, invest in the PerformaNat ElektrolytTab and improve the health status of your calves in a sustainable way. So that your calves quickly hop back to good health!

We invite you to test the PerformaNat ElektrolytTab for yourself! If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at 030 265 755 00 or