On the safe side: from follicle maturation to implantation

Optimum herd fertility is essential for dairy cow husbandry.

Follicle maturation and egg cell quality play a decisive role in the success of insemination.

It takes about 180 days for the follicle to go through all stages of maturity. The last 50 days prior to ovulation are particularly critical because of their intensive growth. The quality of the follicle has a direct influence on the hormone balance and thus also on the development of oestrus signs. In short: The higher the quality of the follicle, the stronger the oestrus signs are to be expected.

Just as important is the period after ovulation from fertilisation to implantation of the egg, which lasts about 16 days. A successful pregnancy can only be achieved if the fertilised egg cell releases sufficient messenger substances.

For a successful pregnancy, the follicle or egg cell must be optimally supplied with nutrients during the critical period of about 70 days.

PerformaNat Reprobolus – Better fertility through selected active ingredients

The PerformaNat ReproBolus offers an optimal preparation for oestrus and insemination due to the special mixture of vitamins, minerals and phytogenic compounds. In addition, the high beta-carotene content ensures stronger oestrus signs, improved ovarian health and better follicle and egg maturation. Due to the long release period of 40 days, the active ingredients are constantly provided, thus improving the pregnancy rate.

Because good fertility is not a matter of luck.

  • Vitamins A, D, and E serve to prepare and protect the pregnancy. The functions of the vitamins complement each other: oxidation protection, epithelial protection (e.g. follicle, fallopian tubes, uterus) and immune protection.
  • Selenium strengthens the immune system and has an antioxidant effect.
  • The high beta-carotene content in the bolus has antioxidant and cell-protective effects. Beta-carotene is also indispensable for high follicle quality.
  • A healthy calcium balance is also necessary for egg maturation and egg growth – the selected phytogenic agents PN-T support this.
  • 40 days of controlled release: the double application covers the entire critical phase of 70 days. This ensures that the essential nutrients are provided from follicle maturation to implantation.


Feeding recommendation for improved fertility in every cow:

  • 1 bolus 8 weeks before insemination
  • 1 bolus 2 weeks before insemination

With our applicator, the bolus can be entered easily and gently.

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